Dwight Howard to the NJ Nets

By Dennis Berry

Why Dwight Howard will be a Brooklyn Net next year

It has been reported that Dwight Howard wants to be traded to one of four teams in the NBA: Clippers, Lakers, Mavericks, or Nets. I feel Dwight Howard will be apart of the Brooklyn Nets when the 2012-2013 season begins. There are many different reasons why I feel this way which include:

  1. Dwight Howard says he wants to be the star player on his team. The Nets this year have shown they are a team far from reaching the playoffs, but do have a few intriguing parts on their team. If Dwight decided to play in Brooklyn, I feel Deron Williams would decided to resign with the Nets, and Dwight would have a great point guard that is able to get him the ball. Even though Deron Williams is a star player, he isn't a player that has "taken that city over" and will allow Dwight to take the big shots at the end of the game. As for the other teams involved, they all have super stars on there team that "own the city" they play in.

    If Dwight decided to go Dallas, he would play second fiddle to Dirk and the fans in Dallas know that its Dirk's team. The same goes for the Lakers, as it will always be Kobe Bryant's team. If Dwight truly wants to be the "go to guy," then the Lakers would be a terrible choice, as they would have the Shaq/Kobe problem all over again. As for the Clippers, Dwight might want to play there, but after the CP3 trade, the only asset that the Clippers have left to trade is DeAndre Jordan. Sorry Clipper Nation, but Andrew Bynum is a much better player than DeAndre Jordan.
  2. The Nets have Draft picks. With Brook Lopez still hurt, Deron Williams having a down year, and the rest of the Nets cast so week, the Nets should have a top 5 pick. If they have a top two pick, the Nets would be able to take either Andre Drummond or Anthony Davis and play either with Dwight Howard. Assuming Deron Williams resigns with the Nets, that would create a starting lineup of Deron Williams, Marshon Brooks, the draft pick, Dwight Howard, and still have the trade chip with Brook Lopez. The Nets would bolster a strong, and young starting lineup.
  3. Dwight Howard Nets
    Orlando's Dwight Howard in Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Atlanta Hawks 105-75 loss to the Orlando Magic in Game 3 at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.
  4. Dwight Howard wants to be in a big market. According to Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith, Dwight Howard will leave the Magic after this year, and play in a bigger market. In Brooklyn, Dwight will be within the New York market and will have opportunities off the court with Jay Z as his owner. Though there would be many more opportunities for Dwight in Los Angeles off the court, if he went to the west coast after playing for the Magic, people would say he was copying Shaq and just following exactly what he did. If Dwight wants to be the star player on his team, be considered in a major market area, and play with another All-Star, then he should sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

So there you have it, why I feel Dwight Howard will be a Brooklyn Net next year, and not a member of the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, or Los Angeles Clippers. Even though I feel Dwight Howard will be a Brooklyn Net next year, I feel he should join the Chicago Bulls. He would be in a big market with a point guard that will elevate Dwight's game even more and says he wants to facilitate more and not have to score as much this year. If the Bulls traded Dwight Howard and were able to hold onto Deng along with Rose, the Bulls would have one of the best trios in the NBA, and two players that are the best at their respective position.

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