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Welcome to the College Basketball Fan Forum! Here at The Best Basketball Blog, we want to know what's on your mind. What do you think are the biggest stories out there in the basketball world? The biggest controversies? Tell us what you think of the major issues in the sport. Let us, and all the other members of the Best Basketball Blog community, know what you think of our own content. Did we get it right? Are there other issues that we should focus on? This is your place to comment and critique!

This Forum page is devoted to everything Basketball! We really hope that you comment on everything that interests you. The comment process is simple: scroll down, read the comments of other Best Basketball Blog community members, then let us know what you think!

The Forum is the place where The Best Basketball Blog becomes a true online community. Please take the time to tell us what you think of the issues themselves and our commentary. We made this site as sports fans who wanted a place to vent ourselves and the forum is crucial to our vision of what The Best Basketball Blog should be.

Mo and I both pay close attention to the Forum and its content. We are always on the lookout for new ideas, comments on opinions. If there are any sports events we are missing, any angles that we haven't covered, or any ways we can improve then definitely let us know!

Not only that but the Best Basketball Blog is a community so if there are any great sports products, promotions, or anything else then please head to the Forum to let everyone know. We will certainly be on the lookout for any new content, products, and promotions to help you out but there are only two of us: contribute to the community and let everyone know about all the opportunities you find out there!

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