Regis Jesuit Girls Basketball Beats Rival Mullen

By Roger Brenshofl

Regis Jesuit girls' basketball team has been a top rated team due to the players and their basketball enthusiasm. They were remaining undefeated and they proved it when they played a game with Rival Mullen. They get ranked on 5A basketball teams and proved that can be never being defeated. Dec-13 was the great day of their victory against Mullen rivals that were defeated badly by the great players of Regis Jesuit.

Regis Jesuit Girls Basketball Beats Rival Mullen

Later on they signed the national athlete's letter in the ceremony that held after a few days of ending the basketball championship. The seven players were excited about their great success and signing letter was something incredible for all of the 7 basketball players. Do you want to know how may make this success possible? Have a look at below factors.

How Regis Jesuit girls make a long undefeated success?

There were several factors that made this huge success possible. Coaching, team selection and combine efforts are the major ones. Let's discuss these factors in detail.

Strong mental perception - All the players of the Regis Jesuit team have strong perceiving skills. They not only play the game but they also take an immediate action what should be done in the next step. They prepare mentally for all the crucial situations that can be possible during the game.

Regis Jesuit Girls Basketball Beats Rival Mullen
Photo: chsaannow

100 % effort – All 7 girls of the team put their full time efforts all the time. They don't miss a single event in the game to relax and they keep their both eyes open to take the ball back from the rivals and the Regis Jesuit basketball team players were struggling hard to win the game for many months.

Defense ready - this great team knows how to play against a big rival and they prepare themselves for all types of defense situations. The Mullen rival is not a low level team and Regis Jesuit knows well how to prepare a defense against such a qualified team. Whoever a player was out of position during the game they have defined defense strategy to compete with Mullen and in this way they paved paths for success.

Attacking approach – Basketball teams play well but they face defeat because they start following a defense approach. A great winning team never follows defensive strategies and they try to attack again and again and they confuse the other team by this approach. Attacking is necessary when you play basketball as you have to keep ball with you to make squares. Regis Jesuit team never let the approach down and they keep attacking throughout the game even in the crucial states.

Regis Jesuit Girls Basketball Beats Rival Mullen
Photo: chsaannow

Team work – Last but the most important of above all factors that lead to the success of 5A championship winner is the team work. Regis teams always work collectively and they eliminate all negativities from their team. They support each other and never give a chance for opponents to let them down.

Winning of Regis Jesuit makes them popular and ranked them on top of the 5A class basket ball girls' team. The success is unrevealed but the facts behind it are always discussed in news and TV channels. The team is now planning to sign more bounds and scholarship to further continue their success.

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