How to Beat the Heat

When engaging in any sort of rigorous physical activity, let alone the gauntlet that is a sport like basketball, you will find yourself drenched in sweat and panting like a dog. That’s life. However, unless you’re already properly dressed for the sport, it can get much better. It’s not hard at all to find the right sporting apparel to help you keep your cool on the court. Here are the basics to keep in mind to beat the heat.

When it comes to shirts, you need only follow in the footsteps of the professionals. You may have noticed that basketball and footballs jerseys are made of mesh, and that’s what you need, as well. Not mesh, necessarily, but a light, breathable fabric similar to mesh, as the very least. The tiny holes in a mesh jersey are doing what they can to keep your body cool, and it’s a big help. Don’t forget to go sleeveless for that extra exposure and the coolness that comes with it.

Then, of course, there’s the pants. Or, should I say shorts? Because, you had better be wearing shorts unless a.) it’s the middle of Winter, or b.) because you didn’t expect to be playing a game today. Ideally, you want as much of your body exposed to open air as possible when engaging in a sport like basketball, so shorts are your best shot as keeping cool. Shorts frees up half of your leg, if not most it, so they’re a must on the court. Same as before, mesh is pretty close to the ideal material for this piece of clothing.

When you’re not on the court, it still helps to carefully consider your choice of apparel. After all, what is social interaction if not a sport, a challenge to overcome? And, you want to come prepared. So, shop with J. Crew to find the perfect outfit for any occasion. (Well, almost any occasion.)


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