FIBA European Men's Basketball Championship History

FIBA European Men's Basketball Championship (EuroBasket) History:

Year Champion Runner-Up Third Place
1935 Latvia Spain Czechoslovakia
1937 Lithuania Italy France
1939 Lithuania Latvia Poland
1946 Czechoslovakia Italy Hungary
1947 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Egypt
1949 Egypt France Greece
1951 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia France
1953 Soviet Union Hungary France
1955 Hungary Czechoslovakia Soviet Union
1957 Soviet Union Bulgaria Czechoslovakia
1959 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia France
1961 Soviet Union Yugoslavia Bulgria
1963 Soviet Union Poland Yugoslavia
1965 Soviet Union Yugoslavia Poland
1967 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Poland
1969 Soviet Union Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia
1971 Soviet Union Yugoslavia Italy
1973 Yugoslavia Spain Soviet Union
1975 Yugoslavia Soviet Union Italy
1977 Yugoslavia Soviet Union Czechoslovakia
1979 Soviet Union Israel Yugoslavia
1981 Soviet Union Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia
1983 Italy Spain Soviet Union
1985 Soviet Union Czechoslovakia Italy
1987 Greece Soviet Union Yugoslavia
1989 Yugoslavia Greece Soviet Union
1991 Yugoslavia Italy Spain
1993 Germany Russia Croatia
1995 FR Yugoslavia Lithuania Croatia
1997 FR Yugoslavia Italy Russia
1999 Italy Spain FR Yugoslavia
2001 FR Yugoslavia Turkey Spain
2003 Lithuania Spain Italy
2005 Greece Germany France
2007 Russia Spain Lithuania
2009 Spain Serbia Greece
2011 Spain France Russia

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