Betting Tips for European Basketball

While the Euroleague basketball season is in the off season, it is a good time to study up on tips for placing successful wagers on the sport.

As with most sports, Euroleague basketball can have several different kinds of wagers placed on it. While many bettors understand betting on the winners of each game, there are actually other kinds of bets to consider. However, it is prudent when placing sports bets to never place a type of bet you do not understand. This could end up being a costly mistake.

Many bettors are unaware of totals bets, which can also be known as over and unders. Actually, this is a simple type of bet to make. The focus is simply on the combined total score of the game. Prior to the commencement of a game, a sportsbook will place a line for that game. Bettors have two choice. They can opt to bet on the final score being over this line or under this line. Ties do not occur with this kind of bet because an exact number is not used but rather a decimal which can never be a resulting total score.

For instance, a sportsbook might list an over/under line as 157.5. The over bets win if the total score is 158 or more whereas the under bets win if the total score is 157 or less. While brushing up on your betting tips during the off season, you can also enjoy some fun basketball themed games at online casinos.

Such games would be slot games that can be found at Jackpot Capital. These games are a good choice to also play during a televised Euroleague game.

It's quick to play and requires little concentration. Since one game moves along rather quickly, it is easy to get several games in even during a commercial break or timeout.

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